Sunday, April 28, 2013

Brand-New Bike!

As a late Christmas present and early birthday present, Sonia just got her very first two-wheeler!  She picked out the bike and the helmet herself.  (FYI-- it was pajama day at preschool that morning, so that's why she's wearing pajamas during the daytime.)

You gotta get a kid a bell for her bike, right?!?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

General idiocy

I have not been blogging much during 2013 for two big reasons:

1) The creative part of my brain that I had previously been using for blogging has been completely consumed by crocheting. I signed up for Pinterest during Christmas time, saw the ridiculous amount of awesome free patterns that have been posted on the Internet during the last 4 years (since I crocheted last), and I haven't been able to put down my crochet hooks since.

2) We got an iPad right before Thanksgiving, and now I use that almost exclusively. When I attempted to create a blog post on the Blogger website using the iPad, I discovered that the iPad does not have the functionality required to do so. It's much more comfy to sit on the couch with the iPad in my lap than sit in a cold chair in front of the desktop computer (which is in the den, far away from the rest of the action in our house), so I was having a hard time finding the desire to blog.

Suddenly, it occurred to me.... there must be a Blogger app! Yep. There is. A free one.  I can now blog from the iPad! Hurray!! So here I am, ready to catch up on blogging about Sonia's activities.

Bowling with our playgroup!

Running around screwy-louie with the Schank kids!  Love the jazz hands....

Getting schooled in the art of drumming by Grace Schank:

Chicago auto show!  No, they don't let people sit in this race car....

I miss my Mini!!!

Hanging out with one of her 3 sets of great-grandparents (Meem & Pop, aka Peg & Pat/Scotty/Don)

This picture of Sosini schnuggling her great-grandpa makes me weepy.

She also got to see her "Greatest" Aunt Janet for the first time since the summer of 2010! (My mom and dad visited, too, but somehow I failed to get any good pictures of Sonia with them. Not that this picture is all that great of Aunt Janet-- you can't even really see her face!  I think I was too busy crocheting to take as many pictures as I should have.)

More to come, now that I finally have the technological part of blogging figured out (well, sort of).....