Saturday, August 31, 2013

Glamping with Daddy

Another Genius Daddy moment: taking our daughter camping on the deck outside our house.  Sonia has been dying to go camping ever since she found out it meant sleeping in a tent (boy, do little kids love tents!!).  So, Genius Daddy bought a tent and the adventure began.

The view from inside our master bedroom:

Andrew chose a 6-man tent so he could fit our queen-sized air mattress inside.

Because they're camping just a few inches from the house AND sleeping in comfort, I am referring to the exercise as "glamping" (glamorous camping).

So that the rain cover didn't completely cut off the air supply (it's pretty humid and in the high 70's, which results in a steamy tent within minutes unless it's vented properly), Andrew tied it to the posts on the deck railing.

Sonia is IN LOVE with the tent!

Maniacal camping grin!

We'll see how it goes....  Andrew just put Sonia down to bed (it's 8pm) and he's going to sit outside and read until he's sleepy enough to go to bed himself.  Me?  I'm going downstairs soon to watch Project Runway and enjoy the comfort of air conditioning and a nice couch.