Saturday, June 22, 2013

Soccer and Sonia

Today was Sonia's second soccer class (through Lisle Park District)..... Like all organized activities Sosi has participated in (Gymboree, library story time, gymnastics, preschool, and dance class), soccer is turning out to be very, um, interesting.  The first week was an unmitigated disaster.  Andrew said that Sonia stood stock still and cried almost the entire 45 minute class.  He was pretty upset about it and talked about pulling her from the class.  But we decided to give it at least a few more tries.

For the second class, we tried Ye Olde Bribery as a way to at least encourage her to try participating.  Lunch at Jason's Deli and a tiny little plastic Star Wars C-3PO toy were promised to our would-be soccer player if she would try hard and follow the coaches' directions.  It worked!!  Sonia is now the proud owner of C-3PO and a full belly of Jason's Deli pizza and ice cream.

Of course our little girl who typically has virtually no interest in princesses (I'll be honest, it's probably due to the fact that I have no interest in princesses, either) has decided that this headband-turned-tiara that I crocheted for her is one of her favorite accessories.  She and I have now decided it's her magic soccer tiara that helps her work hard in soccer class.

She did the best in the beginning of class when they played "Simon Says" and interacted with their soccer balls in different ways.  Simon says sit on your ball!

Note that A) she is following directions and B) does not have her daddy with her for moral support.  Hurray!!!

Now, let's practice trapping the ball!

Whenever the soccer coaches asked the kids to all assemble at a part of the room, it took Sonia forever to get her ball over there because she was determined not to use her hands.  Also, she got a little shy every time they switched activities.  Transitions are hard!

She lagged behind playing a "Mother, May I"-style game called "Mr. Fox, What Time Is It?", but she was still participating really well!

Now it's time to practice a new skill-- MONSTER KICKS!  That's what Coach Mike calls a big kick you do to get the ball in the goal.  First, use baby kicks to get the ball close to the goal.  Next, trap it.

Now, MONSTER KICK!  (Spoiler: she made it into the goal. Coach Mike's defense was a little shoddy.)

Now, give the coach five!

Post-five, the coach pretended she had hurt his hand, which delighted Sonia and the rest of the kids to no end.

 Assembling the kids to play a few little two-on-two games at the end of class....

Sonia played in her two-on-two game just about as well as her mommy plays sports....  Watching and wondering how in the world all the other kids know how to just get in there and play.  Ohhhhh, Sonia.

Now, everyone put their hand on the soccer ball and yell, "I LOVE SOCCER!"

I'm so proud of Sonia....  She still doesn't do as well in organized activities with male leaders as she does with female leaders, but Andrew assures me that she did a billion times better than last week.  About 10 minutes into class, he leaned over and whispered to me that she had already smiled more in this class than she did in the entire 45 minute class last week.  Good girl!!