Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hip, Happening, and Totally Goofy

Oh, Sonia.

Wacko!  Sosini refers to that hat as her "All Aboard Diner Hat".  Is the restaurant paying her, or is she giving them free publicity? If she's getting paid, I want a cut.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Finally, the water table!

On this beautiful Memorial Day, Sonia FINALLY got to play with her brand-new water table (a gift from Grandpa Dick and Grandma Jenni).

This table is so cool... and Sonia had a blast getting to make a ridiculous mess with water on our rooftop deck.  She also loved playing with the squirty toys outside.

Daddy, are you going to squirt me with that penguin?

Hmm....  Maybe I gotta try this myself.

Sonia got completely soaked!  I'm not quite sure why we didn't put her in a swimsuit.  Oh well!

Thanks again, Jenni & Dick, for such a great birthday present!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Big girl room: SUCCESS!

Big girl bed:

Bedding from Target, cat pillow made by my Aunt Janet about 25 years ago:

Big girl:

Last night, Sonia slept in her new bed and room for the first time, and it went perfectly!  Typically, she'll have one partial awakening in the wee hours of the morning where she cries for about 5-10 seconds.  Last night, though, she had a partial awakening where she LAUGHED for a few seconds.  So funny! 

Sosini slept in until 6:15am, which is pretty good for her.  As far as we know, she never fell out of bed.  She wouldn't have fallen far, though-- we just have her mattress on the floor for now.  Soon, we'll add the box spring, and then we'll put the bed up on its frame & add the headboard (the back of her crib).  But first, we have to see how naptime goes today!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Our firstborn

We will always love you, Zachary.  It has been three long years since we lost you, and not one day goes by that we don't think of you.

Thank you so much to my wonderful friends, Melissa and Tracy, for bringing their kids (Ella & Max) to the arboretum with me and Sonia today.  We honored Zach by having a lot of good fun in his memory.  Here are a few snapshots of Max and Ella hanging out with Zach's li'l sis.....

Ella, you have such a cute little grin!

Uh oh....  Sonia's getting in on the picture-taking action!

A shared giggle!

Max & Sonia found a cool bunch of trees that formed a little cave.

Sonia & Max spent a lot of time being goofballs in Max's super-cool wagon.

Max pulled Sonia for a really long way (I think it was about a quarter of a mile!), and then Sonia wanted to pull Max, too.

We wish you were here to join in the fun, Zach.  Your father and I love you.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fun in Columbus

We just got back from a fabulous weekend with Sonia's godparents in Columbus, Ohio!  It was so nice to see Emily, Gonzo, and their adorable cats, Cookie & Squeakers.  It's been 6 years since Em & Gonzo moved away from Chicago, and every time we see them, we are reminded of how much we miss them!  Sonia is so lucky to have such loving godparents, and we are lucky to have such wonderful friends.

Sonia was a VERY good girl during both car rides.  She napped like a champion with no fuss; when we told her it was time for a nap, she squirmed around for a few minutes and then passed out.  As is typical for Sonia's car naps, she woke up after a half an hour, but then she shocked us by going back to sleep for another 30-45 minutes when we told her it wasn't time to wake up yet.  Woo hoo!
It didn't take too long for Sonia to warm up to Uncle Gonzo and start giggling like a goofball....

We visited the amazing Columbus Zoo, which amazed and delighted The Great Sosini!  She wore her brand-new Columbus Zoo t-shirt, which was a birthday present from her godparents.  Sosini brought her little polar bear figurine to show to the polar bears, but we never did get to see them underwater.

However, we did get to see the brown bears playing in their pond.  I think Sonia could have stood there watching them all day!

The tiger was walking back and forth by the glass viewing window, drinking water and roaring shockingly loudly.  Sonia got really nervous!

When we got home, Sonia had a fun time playing with the exotic housecats.  Get that toy, Squeakies!

Em and I took Sonia to Coldstone for a girls-only ice cream treat.  We tried the Oreo cookie filling flavor of ice cream, which was good but a touch too sweet by the end.

Sonia loves that you can see a playground from Em & Gonzo's back deck.  It's a short one minute walk over to have a ton of fun, swinging with Daddy and being pushed by Uncle Gonzo!

Thank you so much for a great weekend, Em & Gonzo!  We can't wait to see you again this summer (hopefully)!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Sonia did so well at her 2 year checkup with the pediatrician!  For the first time ever, she didn't cry one single tear when the doctor checked her over.  The only time she got a bit nervous was when the doctor carried her across the room and set her down on the floor so Sonia could demonstrate how she walks.  But, that was just a look of alarm-- no whimpering, no whining, nothing. 

The most surprising part of the visit was that Sonia wasn't even bothered by the one immunization shot that she received.  She was far more interested in the Snoopy band-aid than the fact that she just had a needle stuck in her thigh.  "Doggy is riding bicycle!" she said, making the nurse laugh.

At 2 years old, Sonia weighs in at 30 pounds (85th percentile) and is 34.5 inches (75th percentile) tall.  The doctor says Sosini seems perfectly healthy and just warned me to keep an eye on food portion size.  Sounds fine to me!  I should be watching my portion sizes as well.  Ha!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sonia's fabulous birthday

Sonia had the most wonderful birthday....  It was filled with fun, family, and PRESENTS!  When Sonia came downstairs in the morning, she ran right over to her new easel from Grandma JoJo & Grandpa Spike.  She loves it!

Then, we went to Kingston Park with our playgroup, and the kids had a blast running around like cuckoo birds in the sticky heat.  Sonia enjoyed kicking the seeds off of dandelions before she dumped several handfuls of sand/dirt over her head (necessitating a post-park bath).

When we got back from the park and Sonia was a bit less sandy, Andrew returned from O'Hare with Sonia's beloved Grandpa Dick and Grandma Jenni!  Sonia was so excited to see them.  After a nice nap, the present opening continued-- a water table from Grandma Jenni & Grandpa Dick, and a set of percussion instruments from Aunt Ali, Uncle Daniel, & cousin Nicholas:

Unfortunately, during lunch and Sonia's nap, a nasty front blew in, bringing with it a 30-degree temperature drop, wind, and rain.  So, we played with the water table inside, without water.

Before dinner, Sonia and Grandpa Dick made up a game called "Go Thomas" where Sonia ran around in a circle, pulling her new Thomas rolling suitcase (from me & Andrew), yelling "Go Thomas", and then hugging Grandpa.

After dinner, Sonia got to dig into a brownie cupcake with buttercream frosting on top.  YUM!!!  She tried to blow out the candles, but I think she needs a bit more practice.

This picture cracks me up....  A potentially lovely portrait, marred slightly by the fact that the toddler can't focus on anything else besides EATING THE YUMMY CUPCAKE!!

Happy birthday, Sosini!  We love you!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy birthday to our sweet Sonia!

Sonia is two years old today.  TWO YEARS OLD!  It's been two years since she turned our world upside down.... two years since Zach gained a little sister.... two years since Bobo and Margie realized they no longer ruled our house.... and two years since the world met THE GREAT SOSINI!

Oh, Sonia.  I love listening to you absent-mindedly sing songs from The Wonder Pets.  It makes me giggle when you pronounce Baby Beluga like "Baby Lalula".  I get a kick out of watching you try desperately to get Bobo to let you kiss him.  It warms my heart when you give me nice, tight hugs right before you kiss me good night and say "I luff oo, Mommy".  It drives me bananas that you wake up anytime between 5:30 and 6am, no matter what we do to get to you sleep later.  I can't help but smile when I watch you gallop around in just a diaper.  It makes me so happy that you like trains just as much as you like wearing your tutus.  Sonia, you are one cool little girl.

Sosini had a lovely birthday today, celebrating first with our play group at Kingston Park and then with her beloved Grandpa Dick and Grandma Jenni (they are visiting this weekend).  And, not only did she sleep in until 6am today (any time she sleeps in until 6, I consider it a good morning), but she took a one hour and 45 minute nap!  That's a really, really, really long nap for her.  Good girl!  I guess running around in the heat & humidity this morning really wore her out.

More pictures and stories from her birthday weekend to come....