Friday, August 3, 2012

Another first: a visit to the dentist

Earlier this week, Sonia had her very first dental check-up and cleaning!  We're probably long overdue in bringing her to the dentist, but the dentist said that Sosini's teeth look perfect.

Sonia approved of the toys in the waiting room!

Given Sonia's past history of being nervous around unfamiliar men (she spends most of her daily life around mommies), I requested one of the female dentists in our dental practice.  Sonia seemed instantly comfortable with the dentist herself, but still a bit unsure about what was going on.  It's easy to forget how alien and weird a dentist's office is until you try to see it for the first time with the shaky understanding of a 3-year-old.  The dentist was a pro at dealing with little kids.  She first showed Sonia how she could squirt water into a cup and suck it back up.

Then, I climbed into the chair and put Sonia on my lap, and we proceeded with the check up.  The dentist went step by step, doing everything on me first (while Sonia watched with keen interest).  Sonia did GREAT!  The dentist was able to "count" all of Sonia's teeth, do a bit of polishing (!!), and floss her.  Sosini impressed me so much!  Just look at this happy girl, post-checkup:

The dentist was a good sport and posed with my little goofy-boo.

Time to start trying to floss Sonia's teeth every night....  Night #1 went well.  We'll see how long that lasts!  Sonia is pretty good about brushing her teeth (she's been using big kid toothpaste without swallowing it at all for almost a year now), so hopefully she'll be good about being flossed, too.


Eugenie Velasquez said...

Sonia is adorable! It is good that her first visit to the dentist went well. The first visits are actually very crucial because it would make a mark on our memories. But it looks like she really enjoyed her first dental appointment with her cool dentist too.

Eugenie Velasquez

Ted Grimmer said...

She is a cute girl! Sonia seems like a curious child. Anyway, I am glad that she enjoyed her first dental visit. I do hope she’s okay with flossing too and gets to practice it everyday.

Ted Grimmer