Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A bit more from Michigan

Last month, Sosini and I drove to Michigan to visit Charlotte, Peter, Corey, and Niki-- and to see their new house!  They just moved to Michigan from Tennessee, and this was our first trip to Oakland Township (right next to the Detroit suburb of Rochester) to see them.  I forgot to bring a flash drive to steal the tons of pictures we took on Niki & Corey's nice camera, so you'll have to check out Niki's blog to see those.  But I took a few pictures on the small point-and-shoot camera that I keep in my purse.

The Lisle Library has a fun little program where you can check out a "Lisle Crocodile" (a stuffed crocodile from the hilarious comic strip Pearls Before Swine) as a little buddy to bring along on a vacation.  If you send a picture of your child and the crocodile having a great time on the trip, the library posts it on the Lisle Crocodile bulletin board.  This is the first time we've ever checked out a croc, and Sonia thought it was hilarious!  He posed with Charlotte, Sonia, & Petey at the awesome cider mill we visited:

Then we took him inside to play in the dried corn table.

The kids had such a great time playing with the corn and the farm equipment!

Even though Peter is a little blurry, I love this picture of him mid-jump!

After we got home from the cider mill, we ran around in their awesome backyard.

Connie dog loves running around with little kids!  Such a beautiful doggy.

Sonia and I had such a fabulous trip!!  We can't wait to go back for Christmas and bring Andrew.  He's going to love the Stringers' new house!

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