Sunday, May 26, 2013

More pictures of the tiny dancer

Like her mommy, Sonia's not too much of a girly-girl.... but we both enjoy wearing fancy dresses every once in a while!  I love looking at these pictures of my little tap-dancing ballerina.

When we walked out of the house to take some pictures and then leave for the recital, Sonia Balogna hopped on her bike before we could stop her.  Luckily, no little girls got any grease from bike chains on any pairs of tights!

My new favorite picture of me and my daughter!

At this point in the posing, our little dancer was getting a bit silly.  At least her grandparents look fabulous!

Silly kid!

Please ignore the fact that Sonia is trying to extract my bra strap.... Ohhhhhhhh, Sonia!

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