Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer 2013

I haven't been all that great at updating this blog lately (all of my extra energy goes into crocheting and blogging has taken a serious backseat!), so here's a mega-post filled with snippets of activities Sonia has done this summer.

Palling around with BFF Sami (If you look closely, you can see the owie on Sonia's bottom lip-- she took a header into a nightstand while horsing around the night before.  OUCH!!):

Fishing at the Lakeview Nature Center with Emma and Ike while I was at work (This summer, I started a part-time job doing the books for a tiny architecture firm-- it's about 8 hours a month!):

Seriously, Emma is the coolest babysitter EVER!!

Destroying the basement with her BFF, Ike:

(Why was the coffee table upside-down?  WHY?!?)

Snuggling with her godfather, Gonzo (he and godmother Emily came to hang out with us over the 4th of July weekend):

Being a really brave girl and doing the zip line at Blackberry Farm about 100 times:

Having a complete blast at our third annual neighborhood picnic (well, 4-5 families in our neighborhood, anyway).... Here are the moms:

Here are the dads (and one kid who crashed the picture):

Here are some of the kids (there was no way we could get them all together for a group picture!):

Riding the carousel at Brookfield Zoo:

Being a complete nutter butter at Dragonfly Landing Park:

Loving her playgroup friends (holy cow, she has known some of them for almost 4 years now!!):

Having a lovely time with my Aunt Kim and cousins, Abbey & Cady Lane, when they came through town on their way to drop off Abbey for her junior year at Indiana University:

Going to her very first baseball game!  We saw the Kane County Cougars and she got this awesome foam cougar paw (which she calls a "monster claw"):

School starts in 4 days.... Goodbye summer, hello school year!  This year, Sonia will be taking gymnastics at the Downers Grove rec center and jazz dance at the Lisle Park District.  Stories and pictures to come.....

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