Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Preschool Pictures!

I kinda wish I had remembered to get Sonia's bangs cut before picture day, but oh well....

It almost looks like she's wearing lip gloss, but I think she had just been running around and playing right before the picture was taken.  I love that the picture background is the playground at the preschool!!  Adorable.

The teacher on the left is Sonia's beloved Mrs. O, and the teacher on the right is the aide, Mrs. Tomchek, whom Sonia also adores.  I seriously love this picture-- the kid to the left of Sonia is crossing his eyes, the little boy in the front row all the way on the left looks asleep, the boy second from the right in the front row apparently has a migraine, the boy standing on the far right is studying his toes....  Classic.  Fabulous.  Preschool.

1 comment:

Four Lease Ranch said...

First off she looks soooo cute!

Second, that is a totally classic class photo. Love it! Can't wait to see Rose's.