Monday, September 13, 2010

16 months old: a state of the baby address

Our little cuckoo bird is 16 months old! Life with The Great Sosini is tiring but great. This time last year, I never could have foreseen the huge amount of fun Sonia and I have had this summer. Sosi cracks me up at least 20 times a day with her wacky antics. She's not the greatest napper in the world, but that's a small price to pay for a daughter with such an infectious belly laugh.

What makes her giggle these days? Being chased (all I have to do is say "I'm gonna get you!" and she starts trotting away, laughing).... Peekaboo.... Margie and Bobo wrestling.... Tickling her armpits.... Running her push toys into my feet.... Playing her little red toy piano with her booty.... Swinging.... The list goes on and on.

Sonia's vocabulary is growing slooooooooowly but steadily. This morning, she woke up at 4:15am (either her molars are FINALLY erupting or she has another ear infection-- something's up), and when I picked her up out of her crib, she rattled off the list of words that she knows. It was so funny! Whenever Sonia sees Bobo, she says his name, but when she sees Margie, she says "Meow?" "Margie" is apparently still beyond her pronunciation skills.

Speaking of growing slooooooooowly but steadily, Sonia's hair is growing in at a glacial pace, but it's finally making some headway. The more her hair fills in, the blonder it looks. Sosini must be taking after her daddy who was blond for a good portion of his childhood. The blond makes her look far more bald in pictures than she really is. We took this next picture after a hot & sticky visit to the arboretum; when we removed her sun hat, her hair was sticking straight up!

Every day, our intrepid explorer manages to find some new way to be ornery. Ohhhhhh, Sonia....

My absolute favorite new skills of Sonia's are kissing and hugging. She makes a great little smooch sound and will usually kiss someone/something on command. Hugging is a little more hit-or-miss, but when Sosi is in a huggy mood, Andrew and I love to sit about 10 feet apart and sending her toddling back and forth to give us giggly hugs.

We love our little Sonia Marie!

P.S. We just got back from a lovely weekend in Texas, and we took a bunch of cute pictures of Sonia playing with her little cousin buddy, Nicholas. Hopefully I'll get to post those soon!


Joslyne said...

LOVE the picture of Sosi in the tutu on the floor in the sun. SUCH a great moment!

Anonymous said...

Ohh! I can't wait for a Sonia hug!

Uncle Corey

JLo said...

At least she wasn't putting the tissues in the toilet!

I love her hair, I can't wait to see it in person sometime soon.