Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sonia experiences her first ND football Saturday

This past weekend, Andrew and I took The Great Sosini to Notre Dame to experience a home football game day. As we milled around near the dome, Sonia inspected the beautiful landscaping.

Although we could have marched the game with the alumni band, Andrew and I decided we wanted to just go to hang out and say hi to everyone. Lucky dog Aidan Murray got to march in to the stadium with his parents! Sonia and I talked to him beforehand to make sure he was up to the challenge.

Sadly, our little cheerleader had to wear a heavy jacket over her uniform all day....

Sosi enjoyed seeing her godparents! Even though we only got to see them briefly, it's always wonderful to hang out with Em and Gonzo. Emily, I want to steal your awesome jacket!

I took this picture right before Sonia rubbed her cookie on Gonzo's face.

We took Sosinini to Farley Hall to see where Mommy lived when she was an undergrad.

While we were letting her run around on North Quad in front of Farley, she found a squirrel buddy. When the squirrel stood very still and let Sonia get alarmingly close to it, we looked and realized the squirrel was blind (and possibly sick). So, we hightailed it out of there. Sonia had never been this close to a squirrel before, and she wasn't quite sure what it was. First she barked at it ("wuh! wuh!"), and then she meowed at it ("mow? mow?").

Sonia was fascinated by the hordes of people, the colors, the buildings, and the loud sounds. I'm pretty sure she has a little crush on the Irish Guard after seeing them march by on their way to the concert on the steps.

Sonia and Touchdown Jesus

The cloudy sky and odd lighting makes it look like the dome is missing in this picture! Sonia was passed out cold, snoozing in her stroller, when we stopped to take this picture. She took a 45 minute nap while we strolled around, checking out the new Eddy Street Commons area and the new addition on the law school building.

After the game started, we hit the bookstore and then headed back to Lisle. There's no way our cuckoo bird would have sat still through an entire football game, and we're not disappointed that we missed the Cardinal stomping on the Irish. Ugh. Hopefully ND's football program will bounce back by the time Sonia thinks about attending the university!

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Niki said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! My favorite part is Sonia meowing at the sketchy squirrel. Poor little thing.