Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

Happy birthday to my husband and best friend! Every year, for 2 1/2 months, he is a year older than me, but I always catch up in early June. Sonia wished her daddy a "happy birty" this morning, and she gave him a few birthday smooches.

In honor of Andrew's special day, I made him a red velvet cake with whipped cream cheese frosting. I am seriously the worst cake baker on the planet.... First, I chose a pan that was too small (I guess it wasn't 9"x13" after all). 15 extra minutes of baking time were required, but I was left with a lop-sided cake that had almost overflowed its pan. When I frosted the cake, I guess it wasn't 100% cool (it had been cooling for 2 hours, but apparently that wasn't enough), and it started disintegrating. So, the frosting had little speckles of cake throughout. I didn't pre-plan the placement of the candles that spelled out "HAPPY BIRTHDAY", and you can guess how that turned out. To ensure that I win the title of "Worst Cake Baker in the World", I decided to bust out some red sparkly icing and attempt to draw hearts and write Andrew's name while Sonia was whining and pulling on me.


Other than being a touch dry, the cake ended up tasting pretty darn good. I should probably read up on some cake baking tips before I make my next birthday cake.... In the meantime, I'll stick to cupcakes.


JLo said...

Well I think it looks great!

The Lease Family said...

Happy birthday to Andrew! I did have to giggle at the cake making description. :)