Monday, October 10, 2011

Sonia loves her godparents!

We just had the best weekend....  Emily & Gonzo (Sonia's godparents) road-tripped to Lisle to visit us, Sonia got to meet our friend, Colleen, for the first time, and the Irish crushed the Falcons.  Oh yeah, and the weather was insanely awesome.  None of the pictures I took at home turned out very good, but when we took Sosini to the park on Saturday morning, Emily and I managed to take a few decent ones.

Swinging with Uncle Gonzo is so much fun!

We attempted to play a bit of soccer, but the toddler kept getting distracted and running off with the ball.

Holy moly!  I made it into a picture!

Sonia the foreman supervised two unruly construction workers.

Auntie Em and her goddaughter, sliding like champs:

Are you sure you want to go down the slide with me, Uncle Gonzo?

I absolutely love this picture!  I'm thinking it needs to be framed and hung on the wall in Sonia's big girl bedroom.

Time to head back home to watch ND slaughter the AFA!

I can't believe I failed to take a picture of Sonia with her newest buddy, Colleen....  Sosini instantly loved Colleen (who hopped on the Metra to come watch the ND game and stay overnight with us in the 'burbs) and gave her some very nice hugs and snuggles!  I had forgotten how fun it is to watch ND football with Colleen, Gonzo, and Emily all in the same room....  Sosi thought we were all completely nuts every time a big play happened and we got a wee bit loud.

Thanks for coming to visit, Emily, Gonzo, and Colleen!  Come back soon!

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