Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sonia's 4th week - more pictures

Sonia met the pretty baby in the mirror!

Margie's new nipple-related obsession: Soothies pacifiers (which Sonia doesn't like anyway, so at least they're being used by someone!)

Dick & Jenni Malahowski (Andrew's parents) came to visit this past weekend.

Sonia enjoyed snoozing with her daddy.

Sonia got to meet Molly (Nichol) Neuman, another ND Band friend of ours who married an ND Band guy and now has three adorable kids (that's Bridget there in the corner of the picture, and Bridget's older sister and brother are named Maggie and Charlie). It was so good to see you, Molly!!!


Niki said...

Yea!!! So glad Sosi seems to like her play mat thingy. And you need to dig out a photo of you, Carol, and Molly from your ND band days to compare next to a photo of you three with your SEVEN combined children!

Anonymous said...

OH Erin - She is just tooooo cute for words ;0) Julie S.