Friday, June 12, 2009

Week 5 is going well!

Sonia's doing great! She is really enjoying her play times (she'll lay there and wiggle for a half an hour at a time), tummy time is a big hit (especially when she catches sight of the pretty baby in the mirror), and she eats/sleeps/poops like a champ. Sosi is starting to spit up more frequently (4-5 times a day as opposed to once a day like she had been doing), but it's not too bad. She's still fitting into newborn clothing-- in fact, NB size is still pretty big on her in all brands except for Gerber. I'm loving her "sleep grins" and other silly noises that she's beginning to make. Her one month "birthday" is tomorrow! Here are some photos that the paparazzi managed to snag of her 5th week so far....

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