Monday, June 1, 2009

What's mine is yours

The cats are convinced that all of this baby gear that is now spread throughout the house must be meant for them.... In addition to the instances shown below, I have also caught Margie in the crib and Bobo in the bassinet, but I haven't had a chance to snap a picture. Luckily, as I have said before, the cats are very respectful of Sosi and when she's using these items, they won't go near them. But when she's not using these items, I have to cover them with blankets so the cats won't contaminate them with their kitty litter-y feet!

Marge in the Zanzibar bouncy seat

Bobo in the pack & play

Marge snoozing on the changing table
(I'm a bit worried about Margie getting contaminated from this one!)
Bobo stimulating his mind on the Baby Einstein play mat

Bobo & Margie trying to convince us that the cradle is really theirs


Niki said...

Those kitties are ridiculous! Have you caught them using the computer or the telephone yet?

JLo said...

I remember that someone gave us this giant teddy bear, and Amelia would not sleep anywhere else in the house but on this teddy bear. I don't think Caitlin ever even thought it was hers!

Joslyne said...

Our cat LOVES the changing table. And the pack and play. Cats DO think everything is for them. :)

Dad/Uncle Corey/Corey said...

Sosi will grow up very good at sharing!

melissa kell said...

this cracks me right up! i heart your kitties :)