Wednesday, August 5, 2009


As an accountant, I live by numbers. As a mom? Same there, too.

12: Number of weeks since our beautiful daughter was born

9: Weeks have elapsed since Sonia's original due date of June 4

35: Roughly the number of pounds that I have lost since the day before I gave birth

25: The number of pounds I would like to lose to get to my goal weight (time to start Stroller Strides and stop eating so many dark chocolate mint UFOs from Trader Joes!)

6-4: Sonia's weight at birth (in pounds and ounces)

10-3: Sonia's weight yesterday (in pounds and ounces)

10: Margie Cat's weight (in pounds)

12: Bobo Cat's weight (in pounds)

3: typical number of burps per feeding

7: record number of burps during one feeding

: the number of ounces that Sonia drinks when we feed her formula

?????: the number of ounces that Sonia drinks when I nurse her (I don't trust the "weighing her before and after" method because she is one squirmy chicky!)

1,000,000: Number of ridiculously cute outfits Sosi has (why does she have a better wardrobe than me?)

19: weeks until Sosi's cousin, Petey, is due!

4: weeks until Sosi's cousin, Nicholas, is due!

1: number of older girl cousins (first cousins, anyway) whom Sosi will always worship and imitate

6.5: longest number of hours she's ever gone from the beginning of one feeding to the next (it was the first night in Prescott, AZ!)

There are so many more numbers I could mention, but I need to step back, look past the numbers, and go schnuggle my baby. I hear her grunting and squeaking on the monitor.... Awakening from her 1 hour nap is imminent!


Niki said...

That was a beautiful post!! Add to that 1,000 -- the number of times I want to smooch Sonia each day!

Dad/Uncle Corey/Corey said...

1 = number of uncles who will teach Sonia how to make a killer clam dip to bring to Dad while Dad is watching ND play on Saturdays.

Joslyne said...

Sonia now outweighs one cat. haHA! Let her domination of the house begin! Go Sonia Go!

The Lowe Family said...

This is great because Amanda and I are finding ourselves doing this number game too.

Shhhhh....35 minutes and counting where mommy can sleep while Anthony naps in his crib.

105 trips to his bedside to check on him while he naps....yep that would be me!!

ErinM said...

Kevin, you're hilarious!!! I totally understand about the 105 trips-- that's me, too! I looooooooove our video monitor and the fact that Sonia is an "active sleeper" (meaning that she grunts and moves around periodically in her sleep, so I know she's still alive in there!).