Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sosi's 2009 ND Football Season Preview!

It's only a month away from the beginning of the football season, and Sosi has carefully studied Notre Dame's football schedule. Here is an interview between Bob Costas and Sosi, in which she explains her thoughts on the Irish...

Bob Costas: Sonia, I know some ND fans are concerned about their first game against Nevada. What do you think of Nevada's pass offense, and whether Colin Kaepernick will prove to be elusive enough to escape the ND pass rush?


Bob Costas: You're right, Sonia. They probably stink just as bad as all the other teams in the WAC. Now, people have claimed that Rich Rodriguez will turn things around at Michigan this year. What do you think of Michigan's chances to compete despite starting a true freshman quarterback?


Bob Costas: Interesting. Though we'll have to bleep some of that out for prime time. On to the Irish. I'm going to say two words. I want you to tell me your first reaction to those words. Okay, ready? "Golden Tate."


Bob Costas: You're absolutely right. Golden Tate is the man and he could be an All American this year. About the Irish defense, what do you think the ramifications are of John Tenuta taking back over gameday playcalling duties? Do you think that will lead to more of a 1-gap defensive alignment, and if so, would you expect Darius Fleming to line up at defensive end rather than Will linebacker?


Bob Costas: Sorry, Sos. I guess that was getting a little technical. Let's get back to the Irish season. I have to let you know of an early prediction I've come up with, and I want your reaction: ND 31, USC 30.


Bob Costas: Thanks. I have one other prediction, and I want your thoughts. ND 87, BC 3. I also predict that some time in the first half, ND will be rushing for so many yards against BC that all of BC's fans will burst into flames. Then, Ethan Johnson will sack BC's quarterback with extreme prejudice, and will high step into the endzone.


Bob Costas: Well, Sonia, thanks for your thoughts. It was very enlightening, and we're all very excited to see the Irish this fall.


Dad/Uncle Corey/Corey said...

Good job, Sonia!

Joslyne said...

Oh my gosh! This is great! And hilarious!!!! More! More! More!

Grampa Spike said...

Excellent interview! Does that mean the new title for Andrew's ND footbal blog will be the "Good, the Bad, and the Cute?"

Emily said...

omg, hilarious!!! and i still can't believe you're sort of related to mrs. stringer :)

Ali said...

THAT. Made me laugh out loud!

Don and Steph said...

Damn, I wish I would have thought of that blog thread first! Nice! I did notice though that you danced around ND vs. MSU.......:)