Wednesday, July 14, 2010

14 months old: a state of the baby address

I'm a day late in posting this, but Sonia is now 14 months old! We have so much fun together.... She is currently obsessed with doors (and shutting them), throwing various items through the cat door & down the basement stairs (any time I can't find something, I check either there or her toy cabinet), and playing with Margie in the Ikea igloo tent. Sonia jibber-jabbers constantly, and although I'm not sure what language she's speaking, she does sprinkle her babble with a few English words like baby, Mama, ball, Bobo, and uh-oh.

The biggest news is that The Great Sosini is starting to walk pretty well! Yesterday and today, her walking started improving dramatically. I was able to capture this video:

She is so proud of her walking efforts!

I have so much fun playing with her outside.... Sonia likes to hang out with the neighbor's dog, Bailey:

Sonia also loves to play with her wagon and her strollers.... I don't even bother to bring toys out because she just ignores them!

Andrew loves that black & white top she's wearing in the pictures above.... He thinks she looks like a little French baby.

I've posted a bunch of pictures of Sonia with her buddy, Sara, but I haven't yet posted some of Sonia with another one of her buddies, Samantha. Samantha is such a sweet little girl! She has the best smiles, and she and Sonia love to crawl around acting like goofballs together. I managed to snap a couple of cute pictures of those two monkeys yesterday:

S&S were wearing their similar purple gingham rompers with froggies.... Both rompers are from different clothing manufacturers-- we want to know which designer ripped off the other!

The only problem we're having right now is sleep.... Sonia's sleep had improved a bit once she started taking the antibiotics for her ear infection, but now it's back to the same terrible state I mentioned a few posts ago. I'm taking her to the doctor tomorrow to see if the ear infection is going away or if we need to try some stronger antibiotic. Oh, Sonia. I hope whatever is interrupting your sleep goes away ASAP!

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Julie said...

Oh my lord - look at her go - she is just tooo cute for words!!!