Monday, July 12, 2010

Visiting the godparents

This past weekend, we loaded up the SportWagen and drove East to Dublin, OH to visit Sonia's godparents, Emily and Gonzo. The drive is about 6 hours from Lisle to Dublin, but that doesn't include any stops. We ended up making it in 7 hours on the drive there and 7 1/2 hours on the drive back. Not too bad when you're with an antsy almost-14-month-old!

On our drive to OH, we stopped in IN for some gas, ice cream, and a diaper change. Sonia was more than happy to help me finish my cone!

Soon after we arrived at Em & Gonzo's beautiful house, Sonia attempted to make friends with their kitties, Cookie (pictured below) and Squeakers. C&S were so good with Sonia! They hung out with her pretty much all weekend. Andrew and I were wondering if Gonzo & Em would be mad if we took Cookie & Squeakies back with us to Lisle....

Gonzo made us some of his fabulous fajitas made with pre-marinated meat that he carries back to Ohio with him when he visits his family in Texas.

Sosi loves Uncle Gonzo's guacamole!

Sonia loved playing in Cookie & Squeakers's tent-- at least until she got stuck and couldn't get back out! Squeakers went in the tent with Sonia, but soon realized that was a bad idea and hightailed it out of there.

We fed Sonia lunch at a beautiful little playground that is a 30 second walk from Gonzo & Em's house. I love their neighborhood so much!

Boys will be boys....

Gonzo & Andrew ran through the sprinklers with Sosini after we got back from the playground. Sosi loved it!


Another goofball:

Perusing the menu at City Barbeque.... Their BBQ is out of this world! Definitely not your typical Midwestern fare....

Being a happy little traveler on the way home to Lisle on Sunday.... She was so happy every time we got out of the car for a rest!

Thank you for a really nice weekend, Gonzo and Em! Sosini loves her godparents!

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Joslyne said...

Whoa! Sosi has teeth! Lots and lots of perfect little teeth! I know I should know that but somehow I had forgotten it. And the teeth pic surprised me. Man, your kid is cute!!!!