Thursday, September 8, 2011

Children's Garden Hijinks

Last week, The Great Sosini and I met up with the Murrays (at least, the ones who are not in second grade!) at the Morton Arboretum's children's garden for some fun.  It's so nice-- Sonia is getting to the stage where she can go running off with Sophie & Kieran, and I don't necessarily have to run after her.  Part of that is Sonia's age, and part of that is Sophie being such a great big sister to her little brothers that she helps Sonia out a lot.  For a good 20 minutes, Sophie, Kieran, and Sonia all sat at a little table and chairs, eating snacks and chatting.  Carol, Baby Declan, and I spent that time talking and actually being able to finish more than 2 sentences in a row!  It was heavenly.

I didn't get very many great pictures (we were too busy having fun), but here are a few shots of the kids enjoying themselves:

Sophie & Kieran got to the middle of the hedge maze!

Declan was content to hang out in his carrier, making hilarious tropical bird noises and flashing fabulous smiles.

Hey, you!  Tell me how cute I am!

Sophie pulled Sonia around in the wagon, eliciting many giggles.

Beautiful mommy Carol and her handsome li'l buddy, Declan!

Wading in the pond resulted in a very wet Sonia and a very wet Kieran!  Sophie managed to stay dry, though.

More wagon pulling fun....

Thanks for a great morning, Murrays!!!  You all are the best!

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