Monday, September 12, 2011

Lovely weekend at ND

What do you do when your college's football team breaks your heart into a million pieces?  Go to campus on an away-game weekend and make some fabulous non-football-related memories!  We spent this past weekend in South Bend with our awesome friends (Matt & Susan, along with their kids Fiona, Whitney, and Oliver) doing just that.  Of course, I forgot to charge the battery on my camera, so I had to take all of the pictures with my cell phone camera.  Oops!!!!

The last time Sonia saw Fiona & Whitney was before their little brother, Oliver, was even a twinkle in his parents' eyes.  But Sosini recognized kindred spirits and was best friends with both girls in 3 minutes flat!  There was a lot of hand-holding this weekend....

Fiona and Sonia charged up the steps to the Golden Dome and beckoned Whitney to follow (with expert assistance from her lovely mother):

Whitney chilled on the steps, looking all stylish in her football jersey!

Inside main building, the girls sat on the ground to get a better (safer, really-- I thought they were going to all fall over!) look at the angels on the inside of the dome.

Andrew & Sosini lit a candle at the Grotto while Fiona, who had heard the story of the first dome burning down, worried that the same thing might happen again due to all this fire!

Crazy girls pretending to be in the marching band on the steps of Bond Hall!

Dance, Sonia, DANCE!

I'm mad that the low light caused this picture to come out blurry because Whitney & Sonia were having such a grand time holding hands!


The next morning, the girls all sat and colored outside the on-campus hotel where we stayed (the Morris Inn).

Whitney showed  off her amazing walking skills with her walker!!  Sosini thought the walker looked really fun and begged for a turn.

Crazy girls at Stonehenge!

Right before we left, I realized I didn't have any pictures of F&W's handsome little brother, Oliver.  Is he not the cutest little dude on the planet?!?  Such a happy guy....  I got some good snuggles with him.

It was such a fantastic weekend....  We love hanging out with Matt, Susan, Fiona, Whitney, & Oliver so much!!  You can check out more pictures of and stories about this terrific family at their blog.

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