Saturday, December 3, 2011

'Tis the season... torture our poor child by making her sit on a strange man's lap (and then take pictures)!

Poor Santa....  He was struggling to hold Sonia on his lap (she kept trying to fall off sideways) while two photographers and I desperately tried to get her hands away from her face and do the impossible-- make her smile.  The outing had started out with such promise: Sosini was in a great mood, and in line, she had been practicing what she was going to say when Santa asked what she wanted for Christmas ("a big Pwofessoh Z"-- a toy from the Cars 2 movie-- she kept saying it over and over!).  We giggled together when we watched a little boy ahead of us in line take out a toy catalog and point out EXACTLY what he wanted to the bemused Santa.  But when The Great Sosini and I got to the front of the line, she suddenly stood stock-still and decided that she wanted nothing to do with the strange man in red.  Oh well!  The starlight mint sucker that she received after the ordeal made her forget all about Santa in 30 seconds flat.  We then happily skipped off toward the children's play area to meet up with some friends.

Here's a look back at Sonia's dubious past with Kris Kringle....

2010: WHO IS THIS GUY?!?!?

2009: Couldn't my mommy and daddy afford a longer dress so the whole world couldn't see my nether-regions?

I absolutely love the Santa's lap picture tradition, so even though it has caused Sosini tiny bits of angst so far, she'll get a chance in years to come to see it ain't all that bad.

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