Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas in Texas, Part 1

For Christmas this year, we spent a lovely 4 days in Texas with Andrew's side of the family.  I had forgotten how special Christmas feels with little kids around!  We ate a lot of good food, played games, talked non-stop, and slept as much as possible with two toddlers in the house.  Speaking of toddlers....

It was so fun watching the two little cousins play with (or near) each other!  Sonia and Nicholas had the typical 2-year-old-kid toy tussles every now and again, but for the most part, they had a great time.  Whenever they weren't together (when one was sleeping or in the bathroom or wherever), they were looking around, trying to find the other one.  I loved the look of glee Sonia would get when Nicholas woke up in the morning (always long after her!), and Nicholas's happy dance when he first caught sight of her on Christmas Eve morning was priceless.  (I've said it before, and I'll say it again: cousins are awesome!  I love you, Wagners, Scotts, Jarnagins, and Colners!)

Here are a few pictures from the first couple of days:

Aunt Ali and Sosini bonded over a shared love of books.

I baked a batch of kinda sketchy gingerbread cookies with two of the cutest (and most enthusiastic) sous chefs in the entire world!

Nicholas and Sonia whooped it up at Chuck E. Cheese...  We all had such a great time!

More to come....

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