Sunday, December 4, 2011

We're gonna riiiiiiiiiiiiide.....

..... the Polar Express!  Every year, commuter trains all over the nation put together fun holiday-themed train rides for little kids, and the one from Lisle to downtown Chicago and back features candy canes, decorations, Christmas story characters (including Santa, of course!), coloring, Christmas carols, balloon animals, a reading of the Polar Express book, and the pure joy that little kids get from riding a real-live train.  Have you ever heard of an event more suited to The Great Sosini?

Last year at this time, she wasn't all that impressed with riding the Polar Express (other than eating her very first candy cane, which was a big hit with her).  But in the past year, she has fallen in love with all forms of transportation, including trains.  She hears all about Daddy riding the train to work, and I think she imagines his train to be something like either Thomas the Tank Engine or Dinosaur Train.  Boarding a real train was an eye-opening experience for Sonia!

(I apologize for the odd look to the first two pictures-- I had accidentally left the camera on the "macro" setting and didn't realize it until 1/3rd of the way into the ride.  Oops.)

We dressed Sonia in a ridiculously adorable dress/jacket/hat outfit handed down to her by her buddy, Sophie....  Sosini was so excited to wear it!  She was also excited to be seated next to her beloved Daddy on a train.

Clutching her pink balloon reindeer

Checking out the Sears Tower (okay, whatever, I know it's the Willis Tower now, but I don't care) off in the distance

Doing a bit of light reading during the second half of the ride

Finally!  A candy cane!

Even though the train was PACKED and we didn't get there as early as we should have, we managed to meet up with one of the two families we knew were riding the train.  Sonia and Ike thought the whole experience was pretty cool!

We missed the mad dash for seats, so we had to sit in the upper deck of the train.  Sonia liked the good vantage point she had for people-watching.

Studiously avoiding looking at Santa....  She once again missed her chance to ask him for a "big Professor Z".  I think it's time to have her dictate a letter to Santa!

Oh, Sonia Balogna.  You are such a funny little girl.  We had a lovely day with you!  Christmas is so much fun to experience with children.

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Jennifer said...

OMG I love her outfit!