Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The days of the week

Since Sonia began the Stepping Stones "preschool" program, I have started experiencing what all parents eventually go through: hearing things come out of your child's mouth that were learned from a source outside of the home.  It's so funny!  Sosini told me after her first day of class that she was sitting with "pencil legs".  Huh?  I finally realized that she was saying "pretzel legs", referring to sitting with her legs crossed (what we used to call "Indian style"-- is this no longer PC?).  I also started hearing snippets of songs about the day's weather and the days of the week.  On the day that Sonia and her class celebrated Valentine's Day, she finally sang the song about the days of the week with enough clarity that my mother and I could understand the words and melody.  Behold:

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Four Lease Ranch said...

Adorable! And yes, it is a little startling at times to hear things you didn't teach your kids coming out of their mouths. :)