Monday, March 19, 2012

Good ole' PPZ

As soon as the weather got nice, Sonia and I had to take Andrew to the Phillips Park Zoo.  She and I went there several times last year and always meant to take him, but the weather turned yucky before we made it there.  Just as we predicted, Andrew loved it.  Not only does the zoo have a bunch of fun animals AND an awesome playground, but it's FREE, too!! We had a lovely day.

So fun to get so close to the alligators!

Sonia loves to pretend to sell people ice cream!

Still not quite ready to climb this apparatus, but she likes to consider it.

Super girl!

Daddy swings The Great Sosini really high!

Sonia pulled the wagon for a really long time....  She looked so serious about it, too!

This turkey was hilarious....  It totally wanted to bust through the chain-link fence and get all up in Sonia's bizness.

The mountain lion likes to sleep right up against the glass....  So cool!!

Near the end of our visit, while we were running around the beautiful garden, Sonia decided to lie down on a bench and pretend to sleep.  We thought she would fall asleep on the long drive home, but NOPE!  This child has decided that naps are for wimps.

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