Friday, March 30, 2012

Super Sillious!

For a super hero-themed birthday party she attended, Sonia dressed up as her own made-up hero: SUPER SILLIOUS! 

I absolutely love the cape that Sosini's beloved Auntie Niki sewed for her.

Sosini ran over to the stairs and demanded that I take some more pictures of her.

You can't really tell, but she was mid-jump in this picture.

Crazy tongue!

In lieu of a mask, she wanted to wear her new sunglasses.

Peeking over the stairwell wall in the garage; apparently, Super Sillious gets a bit nervous when faced with fearsome garbage trucks.

In mid-air again!  We didn't bother finding appropriate shoes for her costume because we would be taking them off the moment we got to the birthday party.

Let's get to Naperville and get this party started!

When we got to the party, she ditched her own costume to try on a Batman cape, Captain America mask, and fancy high heels.  Nice.

This child seriously loves to play dress up!  She went nuts over her buddy's DJ Lance Rock Halloween costume.

Oh, Sonia.  Maybe Super Sillious's super power is the ability to play dress up?

1 comment:

Niki said...

BEST SUPERHERO EVER!!! The photo of her in the garage is the best though. Oh how I love my little super niecey!