Thursday, January 24, 2013

Highlights from Christmas 2012

I'm almost caught up.... I promise....

We spent a lovely Christmas in Detroit at Niki, Corey, Charlotte, and Peter's new house.  Grandma JoJo and Grandpa Spike arrived not long after we did, and the fun commenced.  Despite the fact that Sonia was attacked by a mild tummy bug that night (can we PLEASE travel somewhere without my child choosing that time to get sick?!), we had a great time.

Batman and Catwoman made many appearances during our visit:

Grandma JoJo is the new lead reindeer pulling Santa's sleigh!

Aunt Niki made an old Notre Dame football t-shirt into some comfy pajama pants for Sonia!  Niki is a sewing goddess.

Sonia absolutely loves snuggling with Uncle Corey!!

The kids loved having the picnic table upstairs to play on all day long.

Charlotte and Sonia got all gussied up to go with Corey and Andrew to see a Christmas pageant put on by the local Catholic church.

During the afternoon on Christmas Eve, enough snow fell that we decided we needed to bundle up and go romp around outside.

Connie Dog LOVES the snow!  She galloped around for a really long time while we all took turns pulling the kids on sleds.

After we came back inside to get warm, the kids changed into their special Christmas jammies that Grandma JoJo gave them.

Corey read "'Twas the Night Before Christmas"....

Whoa-- look what Santa brought Peter: his very own work bench!

Santa brought Charlotte a bike!

Santa brought Sonia a new tee-ball set and some stuffed Muppets!

Andrew and Corey decided to give Sonia a double-smack (in the grand tradition of the Evans twins).

We were only missing my brother, Jordan, in this family picture....  And speaking of missing, we desperately wished he could have been there with us!

Merry late Christmas to everyone!

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