Monday, January 7, 2013

Other visits with the Clauses

Sonia ended up rubbing elbows with both Santa and Mrs. Claus several times during December....  In addition to her successful encounter at Bass Pro Shop, Sonia got to meet Mrs. Claus at the Lisle Library Holiday Open House.  This Mrs. Claus was incredibly adorable and chatted with us for a really long time, telling us stories about how much the elves party at the North Pole when Santa is away on business.  One of our favorite librarians, Miss Lindsay, took this series of pictures for us:

Sonia was still a bit suspicious of Mrs. Claus, but she did manage to ask for some stuffed animal Muppets, and Mrs. Claus promised to pass on the request to her husband.

Later in the month, Sonia got to see Santa after the Lise Park District Candy Cane Hunt (boy, was that a soggy affair-- why was it raining in December?!?).  Sonia was the very last kid to see Santa, and she was pretty suspicious (as usual).

But Sonia knew she had cameras trained on her, so when Santa was distracted, Sonia tried to flash her 1,000-watt smile.  The onlookers all burst into laughter at her attempted bravery.

On the same day as the candy cane hunt, Sonia and her buddy, Evan, went to a cute little 2-hour Lisle Park Distrct class called "Cookies with Mrs. Claus".  This fun event included coloring, singing Christmas carols, decorating cookies for Santa, dancing, a storytime, and a craft.  Sonia seemed to really have a great time!  Each kid got a private audience & picture with Mrs. Claus, and at first, Sonia decided to forgo the opportunity, so Mrs. Claus's helpers just took a picture of her coloring.

However, Sonia apparently warmed up to Mrs. Claus later, and they posed for this adorable picture:

(Wow-- Mrs. Claus needs to share her anti-aging secrets.  Girlfriend is GORGEOUS!!!)

One more encounter with Santa occurred during preschool.  Ohhhhhh, Sonia Balogna....


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