Wednesday, October 13, 2010

17 months old: a state of the baby address

Today, The Great Sosini is 17 months old. She is such a goofball! Even though her molars are FINALLY popping through (this time I'm sure-- three of her molars are about halfway up), she still manages to be in a good mood for most of the day. Sosi has been sleeping well at night (knock wood!) and the first thing she does in the morning is grab a book and start madly reading like her life depends on it. Total cuckoo bird.

Right now, her favorite two things to do are drink water from a dixie cup (onlookers need raincoats) and "wonder" where Bobo is. Sosi holds her hands up near her shoulders with her palms up, gets a concerned (yet gleeful) look on her face, and says, "Bobo? Mow? Hoo hoo!" The "hoo hoo" is Sonia imitating us whistling-- she thinks it's positively hilarious when we whistle.

We've been enjoying the cooler & drier weather so much! The leaves started turning beautiful colors, creating many fabulous photo ops.

Sonia loves being outdoors, no matter what we're doing. I took her to the park one morning when it was a bit too cold; a slippery coat of dew made the playground equipment unusable. Instead of freaking out and throwing a fit, Sonia happily ran all over the park with me and tried to catch squirrels. I love watching how happy she is to be in the great outdoors, but it makes me dread winter even more.

Our friend, Maritza, captured this great picture of Sosini on her film camera. Sosi's Auntie Niki thinks it looks like a goldfish cracker advertisement.

Our playgroup went to the Brookfield Zoo yesterday, and I spent the entire day enjoying the reactions that Sonia had to all of the animals. I think she said "ooh ooh ooh" about 50 times while we were admiring the monkeys and gorillas, and her fascination with the dolphins was so sweet. Andrew and I are looking forward to taking her to the zoo many, many more times in the future. This picture of her at the zoo provides a good look at her little baby mullet.... Hair is growing in!

We love you, Sosinini!

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