Sunday, October 10, 2010

Crossing lines

Sonia loves to hang out with all of her little buddies, and the interaction mostly consists of parallel play (playing near but not with each other). That, of course, is very typical for toddlers. The times when the play strays from parallel usually includes toy stealing and tears. But this past week, I witnessed one of the first instances of The Great Sosini actually playing WITH one of her friends, Sara! It was so adorable that I whipped out the camera and took close to 100 pictures (don't worry, I deleted most of them).

The play date started out with toy stealing and tears, but then we went upstairs to play in Sosi's room and the fun commenced. Sonia was digging through her books when she noticed that Sara had discovered the purple bin filled with stuffed animals. She watched carefully as Sara tore a lot of the animals out and climbed in the bin herself.

Sosi thought that was hilarious, so she gave it a try.

Sara: "Will you get a load of Sonia? She's pretending this was all her idea...." (eye roll)

Sara proceeded to pile all of the stuffed animals back in the bin on top of Sonia. As soon as all of the animals were in, she and Sonia would throw them all back out again. They repeated this process about 10 times in a row, giggling and jibber-jabbering the whole time. Sara tried to throw a couple of toys over the crib railing, but she couldn't quite reach.

Several times, both girls were sitting in the toy bin, but then they wouldn't be able to reach the toys on the ground, so Sara would dutifully climb out to make sure no toy was left behind.

After a while, Sara started bringing Sonia books to read.

Sara can't resist a good book, so she finally climbed in and joined the read-a-thon.

What a couple of cuckoo birds! It's fun to get little glimpses of the future.


Niki said...

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Those girls are the cutest ever. I think they are going to grow up to be the next CJ and Zozo. Just make sure Sara's family doesn't move to Boston...

JLo said...

I love it!

The Lease Family said...

Oh that last picture is the cutest! Some definite future BFFs for sure.