Saturday, October 2, 2010

All bundled up

It was 55 degrees today, but the wind made the temperature feel much colder. Sonia and I bundled ourselves up and went to the park anyway! We were able to withstand the cold for about 45 minutes before we admitted defeat. Sosini loves her purple fall coat and pink hat. The pink hat came with matching mittens, but I forgot to bring them (Mommy fail!). After our chilly park outing today, I realized that I need to find The Great Sosini a winter coat sooner rather than later. Winter is sneaking up on us....


JLo said...

Caitlin had a hat just like that! So fun!

It was cold today wasn't it. Took me by surprise.

Julie said...

Those pics are sooo cute - looks like you had a blast. I just thought I would mention that it was 105 here today......DOUBLE your temp. Gotta love AZ...not ;0)
Hugs - Jewels