Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sosi and Kieran

On Monday, Sonia and I got to play with Kieran (my godson) all afternoon. I can't even call it babysitting because we had such a fun time.... It's nice that Sonia is old enough that watching someone else's child is more like a playdate. Plus, we love the whole Murray family, so it's always a great time when we get to hang out with them! Sosinini and Kieran both took great naps (80 minutes and 2 hours, respectively), kept the toy-stealing to minimum, enjoyed a yummy snack together, and kept me cracking up constantly. It was just as wonderful an afternoon as the last time we watched Kieran. I am the luckiest godmother in the world!

Kieran, you are way too handsome!!

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Niki said...

Handsome, handsome, handsome. What great hair, too! Sonia must be smitten. Or is that creepy to like your parents' godson?