Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Invasion of the Stringers!

Sonia and I just had the most awesome weekend.... Niki, Charlotte, and Peter drove in the big red van all the way to Lisle (hello, is Niki Super Mom or what?!?) to play with us for a few days! Poor Andrew was quarantined on the second floor of the house because he had either a bad cold or the flu, so he didn't get to partake in much of the fun. The three kids had a fantastic time playing together, terrorizing the cats, running around screwy-louie, and generally being big cuckoo birds.

Uh oh.... Sonia hears some suspicious noises coming from the mushroom tent....

Run for your lives! It's Peter and Charlotte!!!

Hee hee! Charlotte gives awfully good pushcart rides.

I'm mad this picture is blurry, because it captures the Saturday lunchtime wackiness perfectly. Sosini and Charbunkle were giggling like goofballs, holding hands, and dancing. Silly girls!

Petey thought Charlotte & Sonia's antics were hilarious.

Help! It's a monkey ballerina, and she's after me! Well, she'll be after me if she ever straightens her mask enough so that she can see out the eye holes.

Peter made a break for it in the Mini.

Wackiness in the igloo tent

The little red piano was a big hit with the Stringer kids.... They're definitely going to be musical just like their parents!

Sonia and Charlotte had a wacky tea party at Sonia's new play table.

I love seeing Peter wearing sock monkey pajamas that both Charlotte and Sonia have worn!

Thank you for coming to visit, Niki, Peter, & Charlotte! We love you and we had a great time!

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