Thursday, November 4, 2010

Learning or just splashing?

Last week, we visited the DuPage Children's Museum with our playgroup. Sonia started out having a perfectly lovely time exploring the various exhibits, watching kids, running all over the place....

...and then we found the room with all of the water exhibits in it. Predictably, Sonia went nuts. Girlfriend LOVES water. I knew about the water exhibits (we went to the museum way back in January or February), but did I think ahead and pack an extra outfit for Sonia? Nope. The museum provides waterproof smocks for the kids, but they don't protect sleeves and pants. Sonia got SOAKED. But she had a fabulous time!

Playing in the wind/air exhibits afterward did little to help dry out Sonia's shirt....

Thanks to Evan for lending Sonia his emergency backup shirt for the drive home!

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