Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A fun visit and a sleep update

The Great Sosini and I had such a lovely day.... Our friends, Jennifer and Kyle, drove all the way to Lisle to play and go out to lunch to our favorite greasy-spoon diner, Granny's. Sonia was already in a fantastic mood before they arrived, but check out how happy she was once she caught sight of JLo and Handsome Kyle:

Just look at this awesome little dude! Kyle is 7 months old and already sitting up, crawling, pulling up, and cruising. He has such a sweet little smile.

Sonia was so fascinated by Kyle.... She wanted to sit right by him, and several times, she tried to give him toys. She also tried to steal some toys from him, but when I admonished her gently, she instantly backed off. Sosini got so tanked up that she was running around in circles, showing off. Goof!

"Hey, Mom! Look who I found! Can we keep him?"

"You look a little hungry.... You want a bottle?"

"While your mommy feeds you, I'll feed MY baby."

"Maybe I'll feed myself, too! Drat-- this bottle seems to be defective."

Thanks for making the trek southwest, Jennifer and Kyle! It was fun to see you!

SLEEP UPDATE: The first week of sleep re-training was bumpy and full of ups and downs. But Sonia is already sleeping better (thank you, Dr. Ferber!), and everyone is getting more sleep. I know we have more hard work ahead of us, but I wanted to say thank you to everyone for all of their support!


JLo said...

I love that first picture of him!

It was really great to see you both today, I'm glad we came. And I'm very glad Sosi is sleeping better!

Niki said...

I know it probably won't work out for next week, but next time we come up to Lisle we need to get Kyle and Petey together for a playdate!! I also haven't seen Jennifer in ages and would love to see her too. What fun!!

JLo said...

I don't know what you guys have planned for next week, I only have plans on Tuesday. If you all have any free time we can definitely try to do something!

Don and Steph said...

Dr. Ferber rocks. He saved us too!