Thursday, December 30, 2010

A very toddler Christmas, part 3

We celebrated Petey-Pie's first birthday a couple of weeks late with chocolate cupcakes (baked by cool Uncle Jordan). Peter didn't eat much of his cupcake, but he did have a lovely time smashing and smearing it all over his tray.

Charlotte, Sonia, and Peter spent some fun time playing with buttons. Peter shook a closed container full of them, and Sonia & Charlotte sorted the buttons into margarine containers with slots cut in the top. Auntie Niki has the best ideas for keeping toddlers busy and happy!

Charlotte loves Grandpa Spike!

We took the kids to the arboretum to check out the same Enchanted Railroad that Sonia saw the week before. Charlotte loved watching all the trains going around the tracks (especially Thomas the Tank Engine!), and Peter kept happily waving to each choo-choo as it chugged past.

Sonia loved the trains as much as the first time she saw them-- especially because she got to snuggle with Grandma JoJo while checking everything out.

One of the best things about this Christmas was that Sonia's Uncle Jordan (my little brother) got to come. Unfortunately, his wife, Sonia's Aunt Jessica, wasn't able to join us.... We missed her a ton! But it was still very nice for Sonia to spend some quality time with her uncle. This video doesn't even begin to capture the ridiculous amounts of giggling that Uncle Jordan was able to elicit from his nieces and nephews, but it's a start:

Like father, like son....

Jordan is so great with kids!

To be continued....

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JLo said...

What an amazing time you all had!