Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A very toddler Christmas, part 1

Phwew-- we are tired! We just finished up having a ridiculous amount of fun during this past week when my side of the family came to visit us and celebrate a very white Christmas in Lisle. The sheer number of smiles, tears, diapers, naps, feeding, playing, screaming, and dancing involved in a Christmas with three kids under the age of three is amazing.... but it is SO worth it.

Sonia had such a fabulous time hanging out with our visitors: my parents (Grandma Jojo & Grandpa Spike), my brother (Uncle Jordan), my sister & her husband (Aunt Niki and Uncle Corey), and my niece & nephew (Charlotte & Peter). By the end of the visit, Sosini could say most everyone's name, and she overcame her stranger-danger anxiety within an hour of each person's arrival. Home field advantage had a big part to play in that!

Every time my sister and I get our children together, it gets more and more fun. Niki has covered some of the antics on her blog here and here, but there is plenty more to share! The very first day that everyone was in Illinois, we took the kids to Little Monkey Bizness to meet up with our friends, Toni & Sami, and go bananas.

More to come in future posts....

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