Wednesday, April 13, 2011

23 months old: a state of the baby address

T-minus 1 month until The Great Sosini turns TWO YEARS OLD! Holy cow. I am not able to say "I just can't believe she's 2 already" because she is growing so fast.... There are some days I can't believe she's not two already.

Sosi's language skills are continuing to explode, and she seems to be working really hard to communicate. Her efforts to learn how to use prepositions like "on", "in", "out", "off" are giggle-inducing. This afternoon, when I put a Chiquita banana sticker on her shirt, Sonia said something like, "On sticker on shirt Sonia's on sticker." Hee hee! I love it.

Sosini loves to swing on the "big girl" swings!

Sonia continues to love showing off her fabulous hand-me-down jumpers from Sophie....

Our little bookworm got her first paper cut this evening.... She was so upset! But a band-aid and several kisses from Mommy and Daddy made her feel better.

As promised, here are a couple of pictures from our Mommy-Sonia picnic at the arboretum on Sunday morning. We had such a great time! She was sporting her brand-new Thomas shirt from Grandma JoJo, and every once in a while, she would look down, pat her belly, and say, "On Thomas shirt on Sonia."

One more month until your birthday, sweetie-pie! Enjoy your last month as Mommy's baby, because you're going to be Mommy's little girl come May 13th.


Niki said...

Goodness gracious my niece is beautiful. I love her in the Thomas shirt. That's our kind of girl. She and Charlotte are going to be thick as thieves as they grow up together!!

The Longworths said...

Mummy's big girl! She is so fun, can't wait to see her again soon.