Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sonia + Thomas = LOVE

Sonia has fallen under the spell of Thomas the Tank Engine, and she has fallen HARD. She first saw a Thomas & Friends episode when Charlotte & Peter were visiting during Christmas time, and ever since then, every time she catches sight of that cheeky little engine, she goes bonkers. Her buddy, Ike, lets her play with his Thomas set when she visits his house, and that has only stoked the fires. I began DVR-ing the one weekly Thomas & Friends episode shown on our local PBS station (1:30pm every Friday), and Friday afternoons are now her favorite time of the week. Andrew & I bought her some plastic bath squirty toys in the shape of the Thomas, Rosie, & James engines, and they have been her best friends (and occasional naptime buddies) for several weeks now.

The insanity hit a fever pitch when she borrowed a Thomas t-shirt and pajama pants from Kieran when we were at the Murrays' house last weekend. I didn't screw the lid of her sippy cup on well enough, so Sonia ended up soaking herself when she tried to take a drink. Carol ran and got a Thomas outfit for Sonia, and she had Thomas-shaped stars in her eyes the rest of the evening. She has happily worn this outfit for bed several times this week, prompting me to begin a search for toddler girls' Thomas clothing. Outside of handmade stuff on Etsy & eBay, it simply does not exist! I'm going to start looking for iron-on graphics that I can use to transform some of her girly t-shirts.

Sonia got her very first set of train tracks and a little wooden Thomas, Percy, & caboose this weekend.... She is in heaven! This morning, the first thing she did was play quietly with her trains for a long time.

Andrew called me over when he saw Sonia take out a book and start lining up all of her trains near it.

Storytime for Thomas & Friends!

Goofball! Sosi still does love Sesame Street, Yo Gabba Gabba, and the Wonder Pets, but it appears that Thomas has taken the lead. I swear I don't let her watch that much TV-- Sonia just seems to love everything she sees and has a bit of an obsessive personality.

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JLo said...

We have a Thomas lego train and track set here, she is going to love that. It's a shame Kyle is a boy because otherwise I would have gladly passed it on!