Monday, April 25, 2011

More Easter fun

Peter thought he looked super-swank in Sonia's sunglasses.

He also looked awfully snuggly in Uncle Andrew's lap!  Peter really loved hanging out with the tall guy.

Who's taller?  Sonia, but not by much....

Lunch (and watching the cool but dusty train set) at the All Aboard Diner was a big hit with all three kids.  Their Grandpa Spike wanted to come back for dinner, too!

Look!  A picture of me!  And I'm with my ultra-handsome nephew.  Yay!

This is not me-- this is my sister.  But she's also with that ultra-handsome little Petey-Pie!  All the kids liked to wear their train conductor (engineer?) hats backwards, for some reason.

Cousin belly bump!

More cousin pictures to come in future posts....

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