Thursday, May 5, 2011

Soya goes to the zoo

Sonia is getting closer to being able to pronounce her own name....  Instead of "Yaya", now she says either "Soya" or "Sahya".  I love it when she drops something and says "oh no, Soya!"  She thinks "uh oh" and "oh no" are always followed by her name.

This past weekend, we took Sonia to the zoo for the first time this year, and she absolutely loved it.  Right when we entered the zoo, the first thing we saw was a family of geese wandering around.  Sosini was so excited to see goslings up close-- especially because she loves the Olivier Dunrea books about goslings so much.

Sadly, the elephants are not at the zoo at the moment because their enclosures are being refurbished.  Sonia had brought her little elephant figurine to show them, but all she could do was show it to the rhino.  She really did like that rhino, though....  She thought it was funny when he peed.

Waterbucks and ostriches!

I think she wanted to get in the polar bear's enclosure and frolic around with him.

Sonia LOVED the primate house....  As we moved through the "Tropic World", she kept pointing out the monkeys and commenting about how they were climbing in the trees.  "Mo' monkeys?" she kept asking.  When we saw one of the gorillas eating something that looked kind of like a banana, she got really excited.  "Monkey eats meena!" (In Soya-speak, "meena" = "banana".)

Even though the gorillas wanted to keep Sonia there with them (and she wanted to stay!), we convinced her to go home to hang out with our exotic house cats, Bobo and Margie.  We can't wait to go back to the zoo many more times this year!

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