Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No! Not the T!

Darn it.  Sonia learned how to pronounce "Thomas" correctly today.  I really miss Sosini saying "Nhomas"!  It was seriously adorable.  Bummer.

In other Sonia news, we are on day 4 of potty training.  She's doing pretty well....  I'm using a gradual training approach and not stressing too much if she's not perfect.  My almost-2-year-old little girl is trying hard, though!  It helps that she thinks M&Ms are the best thing ever invented.


The Lease Family said...

We are using m&ms as well. Rose calls them emmas. :)

Alicia King said...

We used the too, a million years ago. We still sometimes slip and refer to them as emmy-emmies. We'll never let Dan forget the time he ordered an "emmy emmy" blast at Sonic. And he doesn't even drink!!