Monday, May 16, 2011

Sonia's fabulous birthday

Sonia had the most wonderful birthday....  It was filled with fun, family, and PRESENTS!  When Sonia came downstairs in the morning, she ran right over to her new easel from Grandma JoJo & Grandpa Spike.  She loves it!

Then, we went to Kingston Park with our playgroup, and the kids had a blast running around like cuckoo birds in the sticky heat.  Sonia enjoyed kicking the seeds off of dandelions before she dumped several handfuls of sand/dirt over her head (necessitating a post-park bath).

When we got back from the park and Sonia was a bit less sandy, Andrew returned from O'Hare with Sonia's beloved Grandpa Dick and Grandma Jenni!  Sonia was so excited to see them.  After a nice nap, the present opening continued-- a water table from Grandma Jenni & Grandpa Dick, and a set of percussion instruments from Aunt Ali, Uncle Daniel, & cousin Nicholas:

Unfortunately, during lunch and Sonia's nap, a nasty front blew in, bringing with it a 30-degree temperature drop, wind, and rain.  So, we played with the water table inside, without water.

Before dinner, Sonia and Grandpa Dick made up a game called "Go Thomas" where Sonia ran around in a circle, pulling her new Thomas rolling suitcase (from me & Andrew), yelling "Go Thomas", and then hugging Grandpa.

After dinner, Sonia got to dig into a brownie cupcake with buttercream frosting on top.  YUM!!!  She tried to blow out the candles, but I think she needs a bit more practice.

This picture cracks me up....  A potentially lovely portrait, marred slightly by the fact that the toddler can't focus on anything else besides EATING THE YUMMY CUPCAKE!!

Happy birthday, Sosini!  We love you!

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