Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Big Rock, mosquitoes, and two crazy kids

Poor Emma & Ike....  I had the bright idea to hike to Big Rock (at the Morton Arboretum) yesterday, and I invited them to join me & The Great Sosini.  Even though the weather was dry and the temperature was perfect (high 60's), I failed to take into account the recent rains.  As a result, we were almost eaten alive by mosquitoes, and the area around Big Rock was too muddy to hang around for long, anyway.  I didn't even get any very good pictures of the kids at the rock.  Argh.  But after we escaped back to the non-mosquito-y picnic area and had a spot of lunch, the kids got in giddy moods, and hilarity ensued.

Sonia & Ike stood for a long time in these branches, shaking the leaves and laughing hysterically for no reason. 

They gave each other several cute hugs, but I missed each one when I tried to take a picture.  The last hug ended up with the kids falling over and Sonia getting a bloody lip.  Love hurts!

I did get a couple of pictures of the bestest buddies holding hands!

Sorry you got chomped by a million mosquitoes, Emma & Ike, but we did end up having a great time anyway!

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