Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Go Go Thomas!

My Aunt Janet is by far the most talented craftswoman I have ever met.  The things she can do with fabric & wood are simply amazing.  Anyone who has ever visited my house at Christmas has seen the awesome stuffed animals/snowmen/Santas, beautiful Christmas tree ornaments, and incredible necktie Christmas tree skirt made by AJ (that's what Niki & I call her).  She has sewn Sonia several beautiful dresses (discussed in this post), a spectacular ladybug blanket, and probably some other stuff that I'm forgetting right now.  Anyway, when AJ heard that Sosini loves Thomas the Tank Engine and we were having trouble finding girly Thomas clothes, she sprang into action.  She bought some cute Thomas pajamas and then sewed a matching tutu.  Seriously, my Aunt Janet RULES!

Sonia absolutely loves her Thomas pajammies and the matching tutu....  Come here, Sonia, and show off your awesome pajamas to everyone out in cyberspace!

WHOMP!  I got attacked by the Thomas tutu girl.

Thank you again, AJ!  I'm so happy we got to spend this past weekend together in CA.  Once again, sorry that Niki and I couldn't wait one more day to be born so that we could all share June 5th as our birthday.  I love you!  Here is a picture of me, Niki, Aunt Janet, and my grandparents (Meem & Pop, who are Aunt Janet's parents) that was taken this past weekend: