Sunday, June 26, 2011

More fun in Nashville

Sonia and I took another solo road trip to visit Niki, Corey, Charlotte, & Peter in Nashville this past week....  My little buddy was such a great traveler!  She watched videos, sure, but she also read a lot of books, looked out the window, played with her trains and stuffed animals, and took a couple short naps.  Sosini is turning out to be a good car kid just like her cousins! 

We had a wonderful time, and Sonia is now even more obsessed with her cool cousins.  She begs to look at pictures and videos of "Petah-Chawlutt-Niki" all the time!  As usual, Niki beat me to the punch in posting pictures of our trip, so she stole all the best ones in this post.  But I think I found some other fun pictures to share!

Sonia and Petey share a love of cars and trains.  Sometimes that meant that they played together nicely, like in the picture below, but other times, that meant that they stole cars & trains from each other and whined about it.

Another shot of cousin love!

While Sosini was supposed to be going down for her nap, she got out of bed, grabbed a large plastic garbage truck, and took it back to bed with her.  She snuggled up to it and passed out cold for a nice, long nap.  Goofball!

Sonia's new cousin: Rocky Cat!!  Sosini didn't like how Rocky's little claws felt on her skin, so she actually left him alone for the most part.  But, she did think he was awfully hilarious.

Sonia loves Peter & Charlotte's slide!

Playing with Petey & Charlotte's fleet of rubber duckies

At the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro, Sonia and I played in a huge fire truck.  She thought it was hilarious!

Sonia, Charlotte, & Peter loved playing on these animal rocking horses at the Discovery Center.  I think Sonia rocked on that giraffe for at least 15 minutes, which is an eon in toddler time!

And lastly, a couple of gratuitous kitten shots.  Rocky and I liked to play and snuggle after all the pesky little kids had gone to bed.  He would be rolling around, chomping on my hands and being a little imp, and then suddenly, he would conk out and take a little cat nap.  Kittens are such little narcoleptics!

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