Thursday, June 30, 2011

Even Tiger Woods had to start somewhere....

Andrew: "All right Sonia, put both hands....  BOTH HANDS!... both hands on the golf club...."

Sonia: "I'm supposed to hit the ball over there?"

Andrew: "Swing the club like this...."

Sonia: "Hmm.  That ball is awfully small.  You got something bigger for me to aim for?"

Andrew: "Grip the club tightly and aim for the little green flag."

Sonia: "Which club looks better with my outfit, Mommy?"

Andrew: "You'll get kicked off the PGA tour if you try to use two clubs at one time! Now buckle down and let's work on earning your golf scholarship for college."

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Kristi said...

Too cute. Found your blog through a friend of a friend.... gotta love the blogging world. Your family cracks me up in the best possible way. :)