Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas in Texas, Part 2

Christmas Day....  By 10:30am, everybody was awake, aebelskivers (Danish pancakes) were made, and toddlers in matching reindeer pajammies were quivering with excitement.  Let the present opening commence!


Oh, Nicholas.  You are hilarious!

So, it turns out that Sonia is one of those kids that wants to open all of the presents before she stops to play with any of her new toys.  She could not rest until every package was unwrapped!  Nicholas was such a good little boy, playing with each toy and showing how much he loved it before finally being coaxed into opening a new gift.  Not The Great Sosini....  Once she was done opening her presents, she begged to help Andrew and me open ours.  ARGH!!!  When I was relating this to my mother later in the day, she assured me that it must be genetic-- my siblings and I were the exact same way.

Finally stopping to play with one of her new toys: a Yo Gabba Gabba puzzle!

Sharing Sosi's new cat keyboard (the tonal meow setting is HILARIOUS!!):

After all the presents were unwrapped, the toys had been enjoyed, naps had been taken, and the kids were almost ready to be changed into clean pajamas & tucked into bed, we busted out a gingerbread house to decorate.

Nikolai was convinced these little red gumdrops were "staw-ray-rays" (strawberries).

Not shockingly, a lot of frosting and candy ended up in the toddlers' tummies.  (All right, I admit it-- I ate a bunch, too.  Not Ali, though-- girlfriend has willpower of steel.)

One more Christmas post to come....

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